The Day Of Your Morning Exam…

A test day timetable is very different for whether you have a morning or an afternoon exam. Some people believe there is nothing more you can do on the day of the exam to prepare, but I disagree. I believe cramming and reviewing are essential, as are the rest of the rituals I do on an exam day. This timetable is for a 9am exam.


Wake up and have breakfast. Breakfast is essential and there will be a later post about what I eat on the day of an exam. The main thing is that it should be filling, as you don’t want your stomach to rumble during the exam.


Get dressed and do your regular morning rituals. I would recommend that you shower in the evening, even if normally you would in the morning. This will give you more time to review your revision and if you wake up late, you won’t be as stressed out.


Review. The night before my exam, I normally choose some flashcards or a few topics that I want to review. I will choose one that I feel confident about and then the hardest ones. I read through these and either highlight or make a few basic notes to jog my memory. Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to cram too much in. Just read through a few things.

If you are doing a maths exam, I recommend selecting a few questions to do, perhaps which you have already done in previous revision. This will make you feel confident and means you are “warmed up” for the exam.


Walk to school. While walking to school (or being driven to school) I have a couple of note cards with me. For languages, these might contain key words, for maths, formulae, for English, quotes, and for science, key facts and notes. Although it may look strange to people on the street, just reading through this again and maybe saying a few things aloud will ensure you are preparing right up until you’re sat in the exam hall.


Go to the toilet at school. This sounds obvious and you may think you shouldn’t bother, but it’s worth it so you don’t have to worry about it during the exam.


Throw away your note cards. As hard as it is to throw away your last-minute revision, you have to do it. Then find your friends or your place in line before you go to the exam hall. Unless I have a burning question or something I am panicking about, I try not to speak to any teachers hanging around the exam hall. With my friends, I also won’t discuss revision, because they may have revised different things and comparing revision just makes me stress.


Enter the exam hall and find your seat. Get a few pens out and any equipment you know you will need (this will save you from loudly opening your pencil case during the exam).


As the examiner says “you may now begin”, take a deep breath. Tell yourself that you can do it and that you have revised, and only then should you open the exam paper. Taking a few seconds to reassure yourself may seem like you’re wasting time, but you will see the advantages when you get your results.

How do you get ready for a morning exam? Leave me a comment to let me know.