10 Great Websites for Revision


  1. Quizlet (quizlet.com)

This is probably my all time favourite website for revising, particularly for languages, however it could be used for anything. You can find or create your own flashcards and can be tested on the information. They also have an app, which is great for revising on the go.

  1. getrevising (getrevising.co.uk)

Students upload their revision materials for you to use. The quality varies significantly, however often you can find full sets of notes to complement your own. I found this particularly helpful in science.

  1. TES (www.tes.com)

I think this website is aimed at teachers, however there are still great resources for students. It is similar to getrevising in the way that quality varies, but it is still good on the whole.

  1. BBC Bitesize (www.bbc.co.uk/education)

Some people swear by BBC Bitesize. Personally I have never been much of a fan, because often there isn’t as much detail as I would like. However, to get to grips with the basics and for some extra facts in your revision, this is a trustworthy resource.

  1. sparknotes (sparknotes.com) (including No Fear Shakespeare (nfs.sparknotes.com))

Mostly for English Literature, this website has summaries and some good analysis. However, my favourite part of the website is “No Fear Shakespeare” because for someone like me who finds Shakespeare hard to understand, this website has the Shakespeare text and a “translation” into modern language. So helpful!

  1. schmoop (www.schmoop .com)

Similar to sparknotes but some different texts. I like the colloquial style of this site and there’s some good analysis and different perspectives.

  1. johndclare.net

Modern History GCSE students look no further. This website has great information on most of the key events in the modern history syllabus. When I did my GCSE, I incorporated a lot of this information into my notes.

  1. MyMaths (www.mymaths.co.uk)

Such a life saver for maths. A lot of teachers at my school used this and I always found it so helpful. Step by step guides and examples for both GCSE and A-level maths. There are also lots of activities for practice!

  1. mathcentre (www.mathcentre.ac.uk)

I discovered this at A-level and while I prefer mymaths, mathscentre has more examples and alternative methods and explanations.

  1. Languages Online (www.languagesonline.org.uk)

Lots of different language resources. I mainly used this at GCSE.


Is your favourite revision website in the list? Comment below if I have missed any out!


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