5 Ways To Procrastinate

Procrastination is probably a word you won’t have used before GCSEs and one you won’t stop using afterwards. It is inevitable that you will procrastinate during your revision, because to be honest, revision isn’t all that interesting.

I find when I start my revision, I can normally keep going until about lunch. At that point it is pretty much game over until mid-afternoon or dinner, and for about 6 hours I procrastinate. I will then start again and work into the early hours of the morning. However this work ethic changes on a daily basis.

These are five of my procrastination habits:

  1. Scheduling

It sounds strange that this is a way to procrastinate, but it is. Constantly scheduling and changing your timetable, writing each subject in a different colour, highlighting what you have done etc. can take up a lot of time. It is also bad as it feels like you are revising and doing something productive, but actually it won’t help in the exam.

  1. TV

This is a difficult one. I am a self-proclaimed TV, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video addict. I hate not being able to sit down and watch hours of TV with my family or just binge-watch the latest episodes of Pretty Little Liars. But, I have always tried to stop watching a new tv-show (particularly on streaming sites) before exams. This is hard – stopping at season 3 of One Tree Hill during AS-Levels was a bitter pill to swallow – but it gives you something to look forward to and won’t distract you.

I tend to be guilty of watching reality shows (Extreme Couponing is a favourite) or re-watching shows I know off my heart (Friends). This is still not great, but much better than getting completely addicted to something new and that you want to binge watch.

If you find yourself watching TV, try to do something useful while watching, like making some simple vocabulary flashcards.

  1. Baking

I love baking and when I am on study leave, it has always been tempting to cook something for lunch. However, this is a waste of time. Spending time researching recipes or considering your diet during exams is a bad idea. Just have what you would have taken to school, or have something quick and easy. If you are desperate to bake during exams, use it as a reward instead of a means of procrastination.

  1. Revision Websites

Surely, revision websites are for revision not procrastination? Wrong. I love revision websites and their many resources, however I can spend hours and days finding the perfect resource. It can be never-ending as you wait to find something better. I try to spend the first weekend of the Easter holidays or beginning of my revision period finding resources, so that I don’t need to spend so much time doing it while I am actually revising. Otherwise this can really take up a lot of time.

  1. Social Media

One of the reasons Facebook, Twitter and Instagram must have been created is procrastination. I honestly believe that. This is why over revision and exams I actually disable my accounts so that this method of procrastination is removed – otherwise I would honestly spend hours upon hours stalking celebrities instead of making flashcards.

I believe that everyone will procrastinate at some point or another during revision. It is impossible to revise 24/7 for 10 weeks, or however long you plan on revising for. No matter what accounts you disable or TV shows you cut out, you will find other ways to procrastinate. It is just important that you try to focus as much as possible and find ways to make your revising more bearable, so that you are less likely to procrastinate.

Do you suffer from procrastination? What are some of your tips to help get yourself back to revision? Comment below!


2 thoughts on “5 Ways To Procrastinate

  1. I haven’t uninstalled my apps yet when I’ve been revising as I use it as a ‘reward’. When I need to revise I’ll put my phone in another room so it’s out of sight. I then promise myself to do a good amount of time of revision (30-40 minutes) then give myself a 5 minute break to have a drink check see if I have any notifications. Which I usually don’t. And when I see nothing’s changed since I last checked social media I go back to revising


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